The strengths and weaknesses of new study on Seattle’s minimum wage increases

A study on Seattle's minimum wage used high-quality data that also limit what kinds of analysis are possible.

For the real story on disability, look at the data

A recent article in a national paper fails to tell the complete story on disabilities, poverty, and the government programs that support disabled people.

For socially isolated seniors, Meals on Wheels delivers more than food

Meals on Wheels, which faces deep funding cuts, supports the physical and mental health of 2.4 million seniors across America.

Asian American seniors are often left out of the national conversation on poverty

A growing population of Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander seniors lack the financial resources of their younger counterparts.

What would happen to SNAP if proposed $191 billion cut became law?

The president's budget lists four strategies to cut the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program by $191 billion over 10 years.

Would six weeks of paid parental leave be a good step forward?

The president’s budget includes a proposal to provide working parents six weeks of paid leave after childbirth or adoption.

Proposed cuts to Social Security Disability Insurance could increase poverty and may not save the program money

President Trump's budget proposal includes a $63 billion cut to disability insurance over the next 10 years.

What could Trump’s budget cuts mean for DC’s federal workers?

President Trump’s proposed cuts to the federal workforce will have a disproportionate impact on DC's employment and residents.

Massachusetts gave GE a “mega-deal” to move, but did it matter?

To convince GE to relocate to Boston, state and local government collaborated to offer the company millions of dollars in incentives.

Whether school choice policies actually increase choice depends on where you live

Policies aimed at increasing school choice will only work if those choices are accessible to families via transportation.