Do we have a generation stuck in starter homes?

What happened to repeat homebuyers: the families who lived in their starter homes for a few years and are ready to buy a different, usually larger/more expensive home?

Can behavioral science help voucher families reach better neighborhoods?

Voucher holders face several obstacles to moving to low-poverty areas: moving is expensive, program rules are complicated, affordable units are scarce, opportunity-rich neighborhoods may be unfamiliar, and discrimination against voucher holders is legal in most jurisdictions.

Why the surge in PMI activity won’t force FHA to cut premiums anytime soon

The private-mortgage insurance industry is again the biggest player in the US mortgage insurance market.

We’re still shortchanging women when it comes to mortgages

We need to develop more accurate measures of risk to ensure we aren’t denying mortgages to people who are fully able to make good on their payments.

Squeaky-clean loans lead to near-zero borrower defaults—and that is not a good thing

Laurie Goodman: It’s time to lend again to borrowers with less-than-perfect credit.

To ease access to mortgages, we must reform mortgage servicing now

The challenges—and potential opportunities—presented by reforming servicing are simply too crucial to kick down the road.

Housing counseling should help with more than just homebuying

Counseling and coaching for homeownership can improve a family’s entire financial health, even if they never buy a home.

Evidence in Detroit’s housing market shows mixed results

Detroit's housing market shows signs of hope with fewer underwater loans, rising equity, and mostly steady home prices. But there are also signs of concern with low home prices and a continued prevalence of cash sales.

We need more apartments and houses, but the challenges differ for each

Between single-family homes and rental apartments, the United States still doesn’t have enough housing to adequately meet demand.

US homeowners are sitting on $7 trillion in spendable housing wealth

Fifty-two million homeowners have accessible housing wealth but highly concentrated by age and geography. Nonetheless, it is still shared more equally than other forms of wealth.