Fannie and Freddie eased access to credit. Now it’s the FHA’s turn

Credit is tight largely because lenders are imposing even more stringent standards than those required by the entities that guarantee or insure these loans.

The HUD inspector general’s criticism of state down payment assistance programs is misplaced

Contrary to recent criticism, state down payment assistance programs are helpful for borrowers and present minimal risk to FHA’s finances.

Everyone benefits when the financial sector serves people with volatile income

Each year, roughly one in four American families will face an “income shock,” like losing a job or experiencing a sudden health or work limitation.

Six ways rising interest rates will affect the housing and mortgage markets

After three decades of decline, mortgage interest rates have started to rise. What does this mean for the housing and mortgage markets?

What’s stopping seniors from accessing the wealth stored in their home equity?

Senior homeowners could access more than $3 trillion in home equity, but few are interested in tapping this resource to meet retirement financial needs.

Are gains in black homeownership history?

Gains in black homeownership have been hard won, yet lately black homeownership rates have declined to levels not seen since the 1960s.

Borrowers with less-than-perfect credit are giving up trying to get a mortgage

A more accurate way of measuring mortgage denial rates confirms that it’s harder to get a mortgage today than it was before the housing crisis.

Updating mortgage servicing now will ensure the mortgage market better serves all Americans

Servicing mortgages is key to a healthy housing market, but remains expensive and complicated due to regulations put in place to respond to the housing crisis.

Retaining the current price for government mortgages is a good idea

A close look at the mortgage price reduction recently suspended by the Trump administration reveals that the impact on the market would have been small.

Where Republicans will focus in housing policy

Last week, thought leaders who could influence the incoming regime gathered at the Urban Institute to discuss where housing policy should go in the years to come.