Why Zika virus is sticking around—and what we can do about it

Zika isn’t strictly a mosquito-borne virus; it can also spread from person to person via sexual contact—and an alarming number of women don’t know that.

Health costs, not Obamacare, dominate the future of federal spending

Numbers aren’t always popular for those whose facts must fit their storylines, as opposed to those whose storylines evolve from the facts.

It’s time to talk about prekindergarten absenteeism

As the federal government invests more in prekindergarten and focuses on battling absenteeism, it’s important that policymakers and school administrators consider the link between the two.

Living long and living well: How can we care for the nation’s caregivers?

As our population ages, many Americans will need daily hands-on help to live, but what about their caregivers’ ability to live long and well?

New Medicaid guidance could help people get much-needed health care after prison or jail

The new mandatory enrollment policy simplifies reentry preparation and assistance as people transition from prisons and jails to their communities.

Linda Blumberg wins prestigious award for health research impact

Linda’s receipt of the award honored research cited by Supreme Court Chief Justice Roberts in the court’s decision in King v. Burwell.

The critical fixes for the ACA

The ACA has substantially decreased the number of uninsured Americans, but experts at a panel on Tuesday agreed it needs improvement.

The promise and performance of all-payer rate setting: Just what the doctor ordered?

Maryland tested a system in which health care payers pay a fixed sum that creates an annual global budget for a given hospital—with promising results.

AHRQ is vital to health policy research

Without AHRQ data, our analyses of policy related to the ACA, Medicaid, and the Children’s Health Insurance Program would be seriously hampered.

Antidepressants and the ACA: Is your prescription covered and how hard is it to find out?

Antidepressants are the most commonly used prescription drugs for adults 18 to 44. But coverage under the Affordable Care Act varies widely by state.