Past-due medical debt a problem, especially for black Americans

Nearly one in three nonelderly black Americans have past-due medical bills—a concerning number given the consequences for physical and financial health.

Rationale for Medicaid work requirements not supported by evidence

Adding work requirements for Medicaid will not affect eligibility for most current beneficiaries, but will risk limiting health care access for those who need it most.

Under an ACA replacement, health insurance options for middle- and low-income people would shrink

Under a recently leaked ACA replacement plan, the level of coverage affordable with proposed tax credits would vary substantially with a person’s age.

Why do a larger share of millennials and gen X have past-due medical debt than older Americans?

Lower rates of health insurance coverage and wealth accumulation are making it harder for younger generations to pay off past-due medical bills.

An uncertain future for access to birth control in the United States

Estimates indicate that over two-thirds of women in the United States had access to affordable birth control under the Affordable Care Act in 2016.

Repealing the ACA could worsen the opioid epidemic

The coverage expansions and protections under the Affordable Care Act have helped lessen the opioid epidemic and save lives.

Using Pennsylvania as a case study to understand the local impact of ACA repeal

Under a partial repeal of the Affordable Care Act through reconciliation, Urban Institute projects an increase of 956,000 in uninsured Pennsylvanians by 2019.

Why Zika virus is sticking around—and what we can do about it

Zika isn’t strictly a mosquito-borne virus; it can also spread from person to person via sexual contact—and an alarming number of women don’t know that.

Health costs, not Obamacare, dominate the future of federal spending

Numbers aren’t always popular for those whose facts must fit their storylines, as opposed to those whose storylines evolve from the facts.

It’s time to talk about prekindergarten absenteeism

As the federal government invests more in prekindergarten and focuses on battling absenteeism, it’s important that policymakers and school administrators consider the link between the two.