Washington, DC, Research Initiative Projects

Challenges and Choices for the New Mayor

Urban Institute experts have prepared memos offering the new mayor specific recommendations that draw on research evidence and discussions with civic and community leaders. 

Our Changing City

This project is an interactive series exploring changes in demographics, schools, housing, crime, and more in the District of Columbia.

NeighborhoodInfo DC 

NeighborhoodInfo DC works to support community organizations, neighborhood leadership, residents, and government as they work to improve quality of life for people throughout the District of Columbia.


Measure4Change, a partnership between the World Bank Group and the Urban Institute, is a pilot program to build performance measurement and evaluation capacity among local nonprofits in the Washington, DC, metropolitan area. 

District of Columbia Crime Policy Institute

The District of Columbia Crime Policy Institute (DCPI) supports improvements in the administration of justice and public safety policies through evidence-based research. DCPI researchers seek to expand knowledge of juvenile and criminal justice challenges in the District of Columbia. We produce timely research to help practitioners develop and implement evidence-based crime and justice policy.