How an affordable housing developer improved Austin’s health outcomes

Austin's Foundation Communities launched free, on-site health programming with the help of a variety of partner health organizations.

New data can help communities address their health challenges

Recently released data collected from the 500 largest US cities reveal where health problems are most persistent.

Proposed federal budget cuts threaten housing and health care partnerships

Cuts to HUD and Medicaid could make it harder for states to provide basic care to low-income people.

For socially isolated seniors, Meals on Wheels delivers more than food

Meals on Wheels, which faces deep funding cuts, supports the physical and mental health of 2.4 million seniors across America.

What would happen to SNAP if proposed $191 billion cut became law?

The president's budget lists four strategies to cut the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program by $191 billion over 10 years.

Proposed cuts to Social Security Disability Insurance could increase poverty and may not save the program money

President Trump's budget proposal includes a $63 billion cut to disability insurance over the next 10 years.

Has the black-white disparity in death rates for older adults really disappeared?

A new CDC report suggests that the black-white disparity in death rates has vanished. But the real story on mortality trends is more nuanced.

Affordability is not the main problem with housing in Indian Country

While affordability is often viewed as the biggest barrier to stable housing, physical housing problems are more severe in tribal areas.

The Trump budget for unhealthy housing

Proposed cuts to HUD’s housing assistance, healthy housing, and housing improvement programs would keep many families in substandard, unhealthy homes.

Q&A with public health innovator Manmeet Kaur, recipient of the Janice Nittoli Fellowship

Manmeet Kaur discusses rethinking the healthcare system and bridging the gap between policy and action as the inaugural Janice Nittoli Fellow.