Carson’s health background could be good for housing

As Carson crafts his goals for HUD, he should look to emerging cross-sector collaborations across the country that are improving health outcomes through housing.

Why is the rich United States in such poor health?

Americans die younger and experience more injury and illness than people in other rich nations, despite the United States spending almost twice as much per person on health care.

Training doctors to think outside the box

Reputations, MCAT scores, and research funding matter for medical school rankings, but a social approach to training doctors is just as important for patients.

The geography of life and death

“Location, location, location” isn’t just a platitude for real estate agents. The health and survival disparities between wealthier and poorer communities are alarmingly steep.

Poor nutrition leaves kids vulnerable to lead poisoning—and not just in Flint

The conversation about what to do about lead exposure has to include all the ways we may be underinvesting in the health of vulnerable children.

How DC’s farmers’ markets improve food access and the local food system

The city has the third highest rate of childhood obesity in the country, but a new program is making fresh produce readily available for low-income residents.

Are policy failures behind the opioid epidemic?

Big pharma interests and changes in clinical pain management paved the way for this public health tragedy. Could better policy have mitigated it?

Fulfilling the promise of preschool in Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley is known for its innovation and wealth, but it’s also home to 50,000 low-income children who could benefit from high-quality early education.

The real disaster(s) in Flint’s water crisis

The request for a federal disaster declaration flies in the face of federal emergency aid. Disaster declarations are not meant to fix bad local and state decisions.

How a little line in the tax code could matter to your community’s health

Schedule H of the Form 990 is a potentially powerful link between our nation’s health care system and the array of services that shape our well-being.