What President-Elect Trump’s immigration promises might mean

What has Trump promised on immigration, and what is likely to happen?

Building America: The immigrant construction workforce

We should recognize the contributions of immigrant construction workers who are vital to our economy.

#thisis2016: Why we need better data on Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders

Representation matters—and that’s especially true in research.

Over half of children of immigrants are bilingual

Bilingualism is an asset to children of immigrants and should be supported and nurtured.

What immigration means for our economic and fiscal future

As with native-born Americans, immigrants’ net contribution to society and the economy will have less to do with where they come from and more to do with their individual characteristics.

Labor force growth increasingly depends on immigrants and their children

Investing in the education of the children of immigrants will pay off in the long run as these workers play a prominent—and needed—role in our labor force.

World Refugee Day: A stark reminder

In the past few years, new or intensifying sources of oppression, war, and destruction have accelerated the rate at which people are fleeing their home countries.

Facing immigrant integration challenges in German and US cities

In the two nations with the highest numbers of foreign-born persons within their borders, how do you balance welcoming policy with public response?

A better alternative to deportation raids

In Spain, immigrants were able to take advantage of the country’s 2005 regularization program that granted amnesty to more than 570,000 undocumented immigrants.

Low-income children in Silicon Valley are missing out on preschool benefits

In Silicon Valley, 73 percent of low-income children are not enrolled in preschool at age 3, compared with 48 percent of those who are not low-income.