The US Partnership on Mobility from Poverty

With funding from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the Urban Institute is supporting the US Partnership on Mobility from Poverty. Chaired by David Ellwood and consisting of 25 leading voices on these issues, the Partnership is a new collaborative aimed at discovering permanent ladders of mobility for people experiencing poverty.

The Partnership will identify breakthrough solutions that can be put into action by philanthropy, practitioners, and the public and private sectors. The initiative is also a resource for the field: all its work will be public, sharing insights and ideas with those poised for action. Partnership members will consult widely, seeking out diverse voices and expertise as they examine the causes of persistent poverty and stagnant mobility. Members will learn from communities and families living in poverty, from the nation’s leading service providers and advocates, from a wide network of experts, and from the latest research findings. The Partnership's approach will be geographically agnostic and politically nonpartisan; its findings will be transparent and available to all.

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From the Partnership

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What Would Substantially Increased Mobility from Poverty Look Like?
Building Blocks and Strategies for Helping Americans Move Out of Poverty
Creating Mobility from Poverty: An Overview of Strategies

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Partnership Members

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David T. Ellwood, Chair
Scott M. Black Professor of Political Economy
Harvard Kennedy School

Elisabeth Babcock
President and CEO
Economic Mobility Pathways

Joshua Bolten
Managing Director
Rock Creek Global Advisors

Arthur C. Brooks
American Enterprise Institute

William J. Bynum
Chief Executive Officer
Hope Enterprise Corporation

Raj Chetty
Stanford University

The Reverend Luis Cortés, Jr.
Founder, President, and CEO

Jennifer L. Eberhardt
Associate Professor
Stanford University

Kathryn Edin
Bloomberg Distinguished Professor of Sociology and Public Health
Johns Hopkins University

Robert Greenstein
Center on Budget and Policy Priorities

Cheryl L. Hyman
City Colleges of Chicago

Anthony B. Iton
Senior Vice President for Healthy Communities
The California Endowment

Lawrence Katz
Elisabeth Allison Professor of Economics
Harvard University

N. Gregory Mankiw
Robert M. Beren Professor of Economics
Harvard University

Ai-jen Poo
Director; Codirector
National Domestic Workers Alliance; Caring Across Generations

john a. powell
Haas Institute for a Fair and Inclusive Society

Cecilia Rouse
Dean, Woodrow Wilson School
Princeton University

Juan Salgado
President and CEO
Instituto del Progreso Latino

Eldar Shafir
William Stewart Tod Professor of Psychology and Public Affairs
Princeton University

Srinija Srinivasan

Marta Tienda
Maurice P. During '22 Professor of Demographic Studies; Professor of Sociology and Public Affairs
Princeton University

Jeremy Travis
John Jay College of Criminal Justice

Roxane White
President and CEO
Nurse-Family Partnership

Hirokazu Yoshikawa
University Professor
New York University



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