New Skills at Work Assessment

The Urban Institute is collaborating with JPMorgan Chase over five years to inform and assess JPMorgan Chase’s philanthropic investments in key initiatives. New Skills at Work is a $250 million multiyear workforce development initiative that aims to expand and replicate effective approaches for linking education and training efforts with the skills and competencies employers need. The goals of the collaboration include using data and evidence to inform JPMorgan Chase’s philanthropic investments, assessing whether its programs are achieving desired outcomes, and informing the larger fields of policy, philanthropy, and practice. 


Local Workforce Systems


Understanding Local Workforce Systems
March 2016 brief by Lauren Eyster, Christin Durham, Michelle Van Noy, and Neil Damron

​The Goals and Dimensions of Employer Engagement in Workforce Development Programs
December 2015 brief by Shayne Spaulding and Ananda Martin-Caughey

Urban Wire Blog Posts

Using local workforce systems to support career pathways
May 2016 post by Christin Durham

Employer engagement: Getting it right under WIOA
December 2015 post by Shayne Spaulding and Ananda Martin-Caughey

​Policy Debate

Implementing the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act: How to Tackle the Challenge of Employer Engagement
December 2015 debate moderated by Shayne Spaulding