What TANF can teach us about block granting social services

House Speaker Paul Ryan has sought to convert safety net programs like Medicaid into block grants, but the results of welfare reform present a cautionary tale.

Financially insecure residents can cost cities millions

In findings released today, the Urban Institute examines the cost of residents’ financial insecurity to city budgets in 10 American cities.

Public policies about fatherhood should reflect reality

Fathers can contribute more than money to their children’s well-being.

Stabilizing families requires thinking outside of the box

Focusing on interconnections, whether programmatic strategies, policy efforts, or research, is critical in helping us stabilize families.

How to fix the safety net when it causes instability in families’ lives

The same programs meant to help families during hardship can cause instability when renewal procedures lead to families temporarily losing benefits.

Protecting children when parents’ work is unstable

Many working parents face job instability, even while maintaining the same job. How does this affect children?

Child care as a stabilizing force for children and families

These 3 strategies can maximize the benefits of child care, a critical source of support for families in times of crisis.

Schools are essential partners in identifying and addressing instability

To help schools become even more effective partners, we must better understand how factors outside the classroom affect a child’s school experience.

Stabilizing children’s lives when family income fluctuates from month to month

Many US families have income that fluctuates considerably from month to month, but strategies are emerging to help them weather this instability.

Change happens: It’s how we prepare for it that matters

Completely preventing instability isn’t realistic. But with the right strategies in place, we can minimize the effects.