Helping parents put career and family first

Education and training programs are developing child care solutions to help low-income parents advance their careers and care for their kids.

Mentoring may help young men of color achieve academic success

What interventions are most effective at improving the academic success of young men of color?

The hidden costs of withholding vehicle registration when parents don’t pay child support

These policies may hurt the very children they should be helping.

It’s about more than just bathrooms

Boycotting travel to North Carolina because of House Bill 2 could also have consequences that could harm some of the groups that protestors are concerned about.

Using evidence-based solutions to improve police-community relations and reduce violence

One goal of the My Brother's Keeper initiative is to keep boys and young men of color safe from violent crime. Given recent events, this is a formidable challenge for those engaged with local programs.

Making early care and education strategies really work for families

We are shortchanging the very children who most need a strong start and the parents who are working hard to give their children a better life.

Let’s help intermediaries expand US apprenticeships

Nearly every country with a large-scale apprenticeship system relies heavily on intermediary organizations. Few US companies are knowledgeable enough about apprenticeships to build their own programs without assistance.

It’s time to talk about prekindergarten absenteeism

As the federal government invests more in prekindergarten and focuses on battling absenteeism, it’s important that policymakers and school administrators consider the link between the two.

Why fathers often don’t apply for cash assistance

Fathers living in deep poverty with high hurdles to finding steady, minimum-wage jobs might not realize they are eligible to receive cash assistance from the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families program.

Child Support Enforcement can hurt black, low-income, noncustodial fathers and their kids

Current enforcement methods can hinder fathers' ability to find work and save money, and failure to pay can lead to incarceration. That cycle hurts kids too.