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Urban Institute Update


The latest policy and research news on the nation's social and fiscal challenges (bimonthly).


Events: Invitations and Announcements


Notifications of upcoming Urban Institute events and webcasts.


Beyond High School: Education and Training


Information on traditional college pathways and other postsecondary options (quarterly).


Health Policy


How state and federal health policy affect patients, providers, payers, and communities (bimonthly).


Housing Finance


Timely analysis of the housing market trends, the housing finance system, and credit access (monthly).


Immigrants and Immigration


Policies that affect and are affected by immigrants and immigration (quarterly).


Justice Policy


Crime trends and evidence-based solutions for neighborhoods, cities, states, and national criminal justice systems (monthly).


Kids in Context


Cutting across disciplines to understand families, communities, and the public systems that influence kids’ well-being and success (quarterly).


Metro Housing and Communities


How policy and place affects well-being and long-term life chances in neighborhoods, cities, and metropolitan areas (monthly).


Nonprofits and Philanthropy


Insights into nonprofit services and performance management for more effective leadership (monthly).


Opportunity and Ownership


A look beyond traditional antipoverty programs to evaluate how savings, homes, pensions, and small businesses can give low-income Americans a foothold in the middle class (monthly).


Pay for Success


Insights into the role of evidence in pay for success and the latest trends in the field (monthly).


People, Policy, and Wellbeing


Analyzing how changing demographics and economic inequality affect family and individual well-being (quarterly).


Program on Retirement


Our extensive work on retirement policy covers the many ways the aging of America will trigger changes in how we work, retire, and spend federal resources (every other month).


State and Local Finance


Assessing how state and local governments raise revenue and deliver and finance public services (monthly).


The Partnership Post


The US Partnership on Mobility from Poverty is developing big, actionable ideas to boost economic mobility (monthly).


Urban-Brookings Tax Policy


Ways to make the tax system simpler, fairer, and more progrowth while investigating who would pay more and who would pay less (every other month).


Washington, DC, Research


Informing policy debate and decisionmaking in our home city and region (every other month).


Government We Deserve


A periodic column on public policy by Institute fellow Eugene Steuerle.


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