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Three sites are currently implementing the place-based, dual-generation HOST service model: Chicago, Portland, and Washington, DC. Two additional sites, in Baltimore and Pittsburgh, are in the planning phase. Over the past three years, the Urban Institute has used the early findings from the HOST Demonstration to provide the sites technical assistance and process feedback to continually refine the program model and approach. We are taking these experiences and lessons learned to a larger HOST Network—public housing authorities, private developers, human service providers, and nonprofits determined to find an effective way to provide supportive services to the highest-need residents to create a more stable and sustainable community.

HOST is always looking for new partners to contribute to our learning network and test the program and research model in different contexts (geographic, demographic, forms of housing assistance). Please take a look at the information below if you are interested in learning more about the HOST Network contact Elsa Falkenburger for more information.

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