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Uninsured - Uncompensated Care

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The Implications of King v. Burwell: Highlights from Three Analyses of the Consequences of Eliminating ACA Tax Credits in 34 States (Policy Briefs)
Linda J. Blumberg, Matthew Buettgens, John Holahan
Date: March 02, 2015Availability: HTML | PDF

Health Care Spending by Those Becoming Uninsured if the Supreme Court Finds for the Plaintiff in King v. Burwell Would Fall by at Least 35 Percent (Research Report)
Matthew Buettgens, John Holahan, Linda J. Blumberg, Hannah Recht
Date: February 12, 2015Availability: HTML | PDF

Uncompensated Care for the Uninsured in 2013 (Research Report)
Teresa A. Coughlin, John Holahan, Kyle Caswell, Megan McGrath
Date: May 30, 2014Availability: HTML

An Estimated $84.9 Billion In Uncompensated Care Was Provided In 2013; ACA Payment Cuts Could Challenge Providers (Article)
Teresa A. Coughlin, John Holahan, Kyle Caswell, Megan McGrath
Date: May 06, 2014Availability: HTML

Eligibility for Assistance and Projected Changes in Coverage Under the ACA: Variation Across States (Research Report)
Matthew Buettgens, Genevieve M. Kenney, Hannah Recht, Victoria Lynch
Date: October 10, 2013Availability: HTML | PDF

Reaching and Enrolling the Uninsured: Early Efforts to Implement the Affordable Care Act (Research Report)
Ian Hill, Brigette Courtot, Margaret Wilkinson
Date: October 09, 2013Availability: HTML | PDF

Delaying the Individual Mandate Would Disrupt Overall Implementation of the Affordable Care Act (Policy Briefs)
Linda J. Blumberg, John Holahan
Date: September 23, 2013Availability: HTML | PDF

The Hospital Costs of Firearm Assaults (Research Report)
Embry M. Howell, Peter Abraham
Date: September 13, 2013Availability: HTML | PDF

The Financial Benefit to Hospitals from State Expansion of Medicaid (Research Report)
Stan Dorn, Matthew Buettgens, John Holahan, Caitlin Carroll
Date: March 20, 2013Availability: HTML

Medicaid Expansion Options for Washington (Research Report)
Matthew Buettgens, Randall R. Bovbjerg, Habib Moody
Date: October 03, 2012Availability: HTML | PDF

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