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Uninsured - Uncompensated Care

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Eligibility for Assistance and Projected Changes in Coverage Under the ACA: Variation Across States (Research Report)
Matthew Buettgens, Genevieve M. Kenney, Hannah Recht, Victoria Lynch
Date: October 10, 2013Availability: HTML | PDF

Reaching and Enrolling the Uninsured: Early Efforts to Implement the Affordable Care Act (Research Report)
Ian Hill, Brigette Courtot, Margaret Wilkinson
Date: October 09, 2013Availability: HTML | PDF

Delaying the Individual Mandate Would Disrupt Overall Implementation of the Affordable Care Act (Policy Briefs)
Linda J. Blumberg, John Holahan
Date: September 23, 2013Availability: HTML | PDF

The Hospital Costs of Firearm Assaults (Research Report)
Embry M. Howell, Peter Abraham
Date: September 13, 2013Availability: HTML | PDF

The Financial Benefit to Hospitals from State Expansion of Medicaid (Research Report)
Stan Dorn, Matthew Buettgens, John Holahan, Caitlin Carroll
Date: March 20, 2013Availability: HTML

Medicaid Expansion Options for Washington (Research Report)
Matthew Buettgens, Randall R. Bovbjerg, Habib Moody
Date: October 03, 2012Availability: HTML | PDF

How Five Leading Safety-Net Hospitals Are Preparing For The Challenges And Opportunities Of Health Care Reform (Research Report)
Teresa A. Coughlin, Sharon K. Long, Edward Sheen, Jennifer Tolbert
Date: August 31, 2012Availability: HTML

Massachusetts under the Affordable Care Act: Employer-Related Issues and Policy Options (Research Report)
Fredric Blavin, Linda J. Blumberg, Matthew Buettgens, Jeremy Roth
Date: July 25, 2012Availability: HTML | PDF

The Coverage and Cost Effects of Implementation of the Affordable Care Act in New York State (Research Report)
Fredric Blavin, Linda J. Blumberg, Matthew Buettgens, Jeremy Roth
Date: March 31, 2012Availability: HTML | PDF

Improving the Efficiency of Primary Care in Safety Net Clinics: San Mateo County's System Redesign (Policy Briefs)
Embry M. Howell, Ashley Palmer
Date: January 25, 2012Availability: HTML | PDF

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