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Long-Term Care

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Patient-Centered Medical Home Recognition Tools: A Comparison of Ten Surveys' Content and Operational Details (Research Report)
Rachel A. Burton, Kelly J. Devers, Robert A. Berenson
Date: March 01, 2012Availability: HTML | PDF

Refocusing Responsibility For Dual Eligibles: Why Medicare Should Take The Lead (Policy Briefs/Timely Analysis of Health Policy Issues)
Judy Feder, Lisa Clemans-Cope, Teresa A. Coughlin, John Holahan, Timothy Waidmann
Date: October 04, 2011Availability: HTML | PDF

Reducing Unnecessary Hospitalizations of Nursing Home Residents (Research Report)
Robert A. Berenson, Joseph Ouslander
Date: September 01, 2011Availability: HTML

Improving Care for Dual Eligibles through Innovations in Financing (Commentary)
Lisa Clemans-Cope, Timothy Waidmann
Date: August 31, 2011Availability: HTML

House Republican Budget Plan: State-by-State Impact of Changes in Medicaid Financing (Research Report)
John Holahan, Matthew Buettgens, Vicki Chen, Caitlin Carroll, Emily Lawton
Date: May 10, 2011Availability: HTML

Restructuring Medicaid through a Swap: An Alternative to a Block Grant (Research Report)
John Holahan
Date: April 23, 2011Availability: HTML | PDF

Medicaid Spending Growth over the Last Decade and the Great Recession, 2000-2009 (Research Report)
John Holahan, Lisa Clemans-Cope, Emily Lawton, David Rousseau
Date: February 01, 2011Availability: HTML

Lifetime Risk and Duration of Chronic Disease and Disability (Occasional Paper)
Brenda C. Spillman, Additional Authors
Date: December 07, 2010Availability: HTML

State Implementation of National Health Reform: Harnessing Federal Resources to Meet State Policy Goals (Research Report)
Stan Dorn
Date: July 01, 2010Availability: HTML | PDF

Alternatives for Financing Medicaid Expansions in Health Reform (Research Report)
John Holahan
Date: December 23, 2009Availability: HTML

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