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Lisa Clemans-Cope

Clemans-CopeLisa Clemans-Cope (Ph.D. in Health Economics, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health and BA in Economics, Princeton University) is a senior research associate and health economist at the Urban Institute, with 8 years of research experience. Clemans-Cope’s areas of expertise include health insurance, health spending, Medicaid and CHIP programs, Medicaid/Medicare "dual" eligibles, access to health care, health insurance reform initiatives and legislation, health-related survey data and Medicaid claims data. Her recent work includes both quantitative and qualitative analyses of federal regulation and state implementation of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Her ongoing work includes a project to assess State practices in reviewing premium rates in the individual and small group health insurance markets and a congressionally mandated evaluation of children’s access to and use of health services in the CHIP program.
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