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An electronic linkage system for health behavior counseling effect on delivery of the 5A's (Research Report)
Alex H. Krist, Steven H. Woolf, Charles O. Frazier, Robert E. Johnson, Stephen F. Rothemich, Diane B. Wilson, Kelly J. Devers, J. William Kerns

This American Journal of Preventive Medicine article presents a feasibility evaluation of an electronic linkage system (eLinkS) to automate and increase patient referrals for healthy behavior counseling at nine primary care practices. Patients were offered 9 months of free counseling for weight loss, smoking cessation, and problem drinking at a choice of venues: group counseling, telephone counseling, computer care, and usual care. The study found that eLinkS increased the rate at which patients were referred for intensive behavioral counseling compared to current practice norms.

Posted: February 10, 2011Availability: HTML


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