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Medicaid Outreach and Enrollment for Pregnant Women: What Is the State of the Art? (Research Report)
Ian Hill, Sara Hogan, Louise Palmer, Brigette Courtot, Shelly Gehshan, Dan Belnap, Andrew Snyder

This Urban Institute study, with partner the National Academy for State Health Policy, presents findings from a 50-state analysis of Medicaid outreach and enrollment strategies targeting pregnant women. The study finds significant variation across states, but observes that the majority have policies to facilitate pregnant women's access to coverage through simplified enrollment; however, there is considerable room for improvement in outreach efforts and enhanced prenatal care. The paper presents policy recommendations for state officials to facilitate enrollment of pregnant women, raise public awareness of available coverage, and broaden the scope of prenatal care. The March of Dimes funded this study.

Posted: June 11, 2009Availability: HTML | PDF


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