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Immigrants in Connecticut (Research Report)
Randolph Capps, Stephen Zuckerman, Everett Henderson, Allison Cook, Karina Fortuny

This report discusses the diversity of Connecticut's immigrants, their participation in the labor force, and their access to health care. Connecticut's economy is attracting large numbers of both high- and low-skilled immigrants. Some immigrants-especially Asians-are better educated and out-earn U.S.-born workers, while others--particularly Latinos--are poorer and earn much less. Over 40 percent of Latino non-citizens and a quarter of their children are uninsured. While HUSKY--the state's Medicaid and State Children's Health Insurance Program--covers many immigrant parents and their children, confusion about eligibility and application barriers deter participation. The report offers recommendations to improve health care access for immigrants and their children.

Posted: November 22, 2005Availability: HTML | PDF


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