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The Feasibility of Using Electronic Health Data for Research on Small Populations (Research Report)
Kelly J. Devers, Bradford H. Gray, Christal Ramos, Arnav Shah, Fredric Blavin, Timothy Waidmann

This report explores the feasibility of using electronic health record (EHR) and other electronic health data for research on small populations. The first part of the report illustrates the challenges and limitations of using existing federal surveys and federal claims databases for studying small populations. The second part explores the potential of the increasingly available EHR and other existing electronic health data to complement federal data sources, as well as potential next steps to demonstrate and improve the feasibility of using EHRs for research on small populations.

Posted to Web: February 06, 2014Publication Date: September 01, 2013

Lessons from the Literature on Electronic Health Record Implementation (Research Report)
Fredric Blavin, Christal Ramos, Arnav Shah, Kelly J. Devers

This report summarizes the findings of 75 articles that identify best practices for implementing and optimizing electronic health records (EHRs). The report includes a conceptual framework to structure the analysis and describe lessons learned for organizations that might be facing EHR implementation obstacles. Throughout the EHR implementation process, planning and modifications are continually needed to address technological, professional, and organizational perspectives. These perspectives must be incorporated at each stage to promote implementation and optimization of a system that is technically functional, integrated into the workflow of its users, and is part of a larger strategy to meet organizational goals.

Posted to Web: October 04, 2013Publication Date: August 01, 2013


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