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State-Level Changes in Children's Well-Being and Family Environment (Series/Snapshots of America's Families III)
Richard Wertheimer, Cameron McPhee, Kristin Anderson Moore

Data from the 2002 round of the National Survey of America's Families show the share of children living in poverty dropped between 1996 and 2001 in all states studied except Alabama. Young children were more likely to be read to or told stories in 5 of the 13 states. Children became less engaged in school in 10 of the 13 states.

Posted to Web: August 22, 2006Publication Date: August 22, 2006

An Update to State Policy Initiatives to Reduce Teen and Adult Nonmarital Childbearing (Policy Briefs/ANF:Issues and Options for States)
Richard Wertheimer, Angela Romano Papillo

A 50-state survey of state policies and programs to discourage teen and nonmarital childbearing conducted by Child Trends in 2001 analyzes changes since the 1999 and 1997 surveys. State efforts to prevent teen pregnancy and early childbearing changed little between 1999 and 2001 with one exception. More states reported school-based abstinence education in 2001 than in 1999. Although states focused less effort on nonmarital pregnancy prevention than on teen pregnancy prevention, states are emphasizing welfare caps, improved access to contraceptive service, programs encouraging unmarried pregnant couples to marry, and youth development or young adult education programs. The online version of the brief includes tables that identify the teen and nonmarital childbearing programs in place in each state.

Posted to Web: August 31, 2004Publication Date: August 31, 2004

Welfare Recipients' Attitudes toward Welfare, Nonmarital Childbearing, and Work: Implications for Reform? (Policy Briefs/NSAF)
Richard Wertheimer, Melissa Long, Sharon Vandivere

Attitudes toward welfare, nonmarital childbearing, and work differ between mothers who have recently received welfare payments and mothers who have not recently received welfare. These differences may be important to public policy because attitudes may influence behavior. Researchers found mothers on welfare are less likely than other mothers to believe that marriage is essential for raising children. Except for attitudes linking welfare to nonmarital childbearing, however, the attitudinal differences were relatively modest between welfare and non-welfare recipients. Researchers used data from the 1997 National Survey of America's Families to compare attitudes regarding welfare, nonmarital childbearing, and work by analyzing respondents' socioeconomic and demographic characteristics and opinions.

Posted to Web: June 01, 2001Publication Date: June 01, 2001

State Policy Initiatives for Reducing Teen and Adult Childbearing: Family Planning to Family Caps (Policy Briefs/ANF:Issues and Options for States)
Richard Wertheimer, Kristin Anderson Moore

Data from the 1997 National Survey of America's Families indicates that poor children, children whose families received AFDC in 1996, children whose parents were unemployed, or children living in single-parent households are more likely to experience behavioral and emotional problems, fair or poor health, and school problems than are other children in the United States. Child well-being varied across states but the variation in well-being was less than the variation in poverty, welfare receipt, and single parenthood.

Posted to Web: November 01, 2000Publication Date: November 01, 2000

Childbearing by Teens: Links to Welfare Reform (Policy Briefs/ANF:Issues and Options for States)
Richard Wertheimer, Kristin Anderson Moore

More than half of mothers on welfare were teenagers when they first gave birth, but there is little research to guide states searching for effective programs to reduce teen pregnancy. This brief examines the major policy options considered by states to reduce teen childbearing.

Posted to Web: August 01, 1998Publication Date: August 01, 1998

Policy Exploration through Microanalytic Simulation (Book)
Guy H. Orcutt, Steven Caldwell, Richard Wertheimer

Posted to Web: January 01, 1976Publication Date: January 01, 1976


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