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Developing Subannual Estimates of Health Insurance Coverage from the American Community Survey: Challenges and Promising Next Steps (Research Report)
Robert Santos, Sharon K. Long, Dean Resnick, Douglas A. Wissoker, Genevieve M. Kenney, Kathleen Call

Following the introduction of a question on health insurance coverage in 2008, the American Community Survey (ACS) has increasingly been used as a source for state-level health insurance estimates. This reflects a number of key advantages of the ACS, including a survey design that supports state representative estimates for all states and the large size of its sample. As a result, the ACS yields relatively precise state-level estimates of annual health insurance coverage. This paper explores the feasibility of expanding the value of the ACS for tracking health insurance coverage by generating subannual estimates.

Posted to Web: April 17, 2013Publication Date: April 17, 2013

Uncovering the Missing Medicaid Cases and Assessing Their Bias for Estimates of the Uninsured (Article)
Kathleen Call, Gestur Davidson, Anna S. Sommers, Roger Feldman, Paul Farseth, Todd Rockwood

General population surveys of health insurance coverage are thought to undercount Medicaid enrollment, which may bias estimates of uninsurance. This article describes the results of an experiment undertaken in conjunction with a general population survey in Minnesota. Responses to health insurance questions of a known sample of public program enrollees are analyzed to determine possible reasons for the undercount and the amount of bias introduced in estimates of uninsurance. While public program enrollees often misreport the type of coverage they have, the impact on estimates of uninsurance is negligible. Restrictions to generalizing the finding beyond this study are discussed. (Call, Kathleen, Davidson, Gestur, Sommers, Anna S., Feldman, Roger, Farseth, Paul, and Rockwood, Todd. Winter 2001. "Uncovering the Missing Medicaid Cases and Assessing Their Bias for Estimates of the Uninsured." Inquiry 38: 396-408.)

Posted to Web: January 01, 2001Publication Date: January 01, 2001


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