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Private Demands for Public Capital: Evidence from California School Bond Referenda (Article)
Ed Balsdon, Eric Brunner, Kim Rueben

This paper develops a framework for estimating demand for school infrastructure investment that is financed through local bond referenda. Our framework takes explicit account of the irregular and discrete nature of local capital investment and the objective functions of local school boards. Our empirical model consists of a three-equation system composed of a proposed spending equation, a vote equation, and a selection equation. Estimated income and price elasticities of demand for school infrastructure are similar to those found in studies of current school spending. We also find that school boards act like risk-averse, budget-maximizing agenda setters. (Journal of Urban Economics 54(3): 610-638, November 2003.)

Posted to Web: November 01, 2003Publication Date: November 01, 2003

Financing New School Construction and Modernization: Evidence from California (Article)
Eric Brunner, Kim Rueben

In this paper, we examine the level and distribution of school facilities spending in California. We find that spending levels dropped prior to passage of Proposition 13. While spending on school facilities has increased in the past decade, California's per capita spending is still 20 percent lower than the national average. We also find that revenue for school facilities is quite unequally distributed across school districts. This disparity is explained almost equally by differences in enrollment growth and assessed values of property. (National Tax Journal LIV: 527-39, September.)

Posted to Web: September 01, 2001Publication Date: September 01, 2001


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