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Center on Labor, Human Services & Population

legs running on concreteThe Center on Labor, Human Services, & Population analyzes employment and income trends, studies how the U.S. population is growing and changing, and evaluates programs dealing with homelessness, child welfare, and job training. The center also works on immigration, mortality, sexual and reproductive health, adolescent risk behavior, child care, domestic violence, and youth development.

The Changing Wealth of Americans

The Great Recession hit family finances from many directions, from lost or lower wages to falling house values and retirement account balances. Even before this financial crisis, however, young Americans were accumulating less wealth than their parents, and people of color were less wealthy than whites.
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Strengthening Marriage in Poor Communities

States are developing programs to encourage marriage among low-income families. The range of Healthy Marriage programs is being explored with an eye toward whether the right population is being served.
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Single Parents in the Recession

The weakening economy and job losses after late 2000 posed a tough challenge for welfare reform’s employment strategy. Results show a mixture of good news and bad.
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