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About the Urban Institute Center on International Development and Governance (IDG) 

   Post-2015 Event Apr 2013
IDG Seminar: The Post-2015 Global Development Agenda: Addressing Inequalities and Fostering Inclusive Growth

Achieving transformative and sustainable development requires us to recognize that economic stagnation and poverty are not merely caused by imbalanced resource endowments, but that they are sustained by poor governance and attendant constraints on economic freedom and the rights of individuals and civil society.

Better governance delivers basic public goods – from security and law enforcement to clean water and education – in a more effective and inclusive fashion. While the features and institutional arrangements of successful societies are readily observed and described, it is not well understood how better governance can transform the public sector to achieve sustainable economic growth, social development and poverty reduction.

The Urban Institute works in developing, transitioning and fragile countries to support transformative development interventions and to engage in evidence-based research that allows us to better understand how the public sector becomes strong enough to achieve economic growth and to sustainably provide key public services while behaving with constraints that assure voice and rights to citizens.

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