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Housing Finance At A Glance: July 2014

The July edition of At A Glance, HFPC’s reference guide for mortgage and housing market data, includes updated indicators related to credit availability, the state of the GSE portfolios, and the latest mortgage origination and housing market projections.

Housing Finance at a Glance

The Housing Finance Policy Center (HFPC) was established to provide timely, impartial data and analysis, and to educate policymakers and the public on how the housing finance system affects households, communities and the broader economy. The goal of HFPC is to produce analyses and ideas that foster sound public policy, efficient markets, and economic opportunity.

Is student debt hindering homeownership?
Since 2004, student loan debt has tripled to $1.1 trillion, while homeownership among young adults is down. Are these two trends connected? Read More

Is residual income the key to superior performance of VA loans?
The VA's residual income test might be keeping default rates on its insured loans much lower than default rates on FHA insured loans. Adopting this test could help the FHA and lenders better assess whether potential borrowers are able to pay a mortgage. Read More

Senate GSE Reform: What we learned from Johnson-Crapo
On Jim Parrott, Ellen Seidman, and Laurie Goodman discuss the consensus that emerged around GSE reform, the fault lines in the Senate negotiations, where reform stands now, and the consequences of further action or inaction in the coming months. Read More

Move over Freddie Mac: Ginnie Mae will be number 2 soon
We expect Ginnie Mae to overtake Freddie Mac in about a year as the second largest single-family mortgage securitization platform. What's behind the success? Read More 

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