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Housing Finance At A Glance: April 2014

At A Glance provides timely metrics on the state of the housing market and examines public policy's role in housing finance. April's issue includes a special quarterly feature on GSE loan performance and new numbers on the Federal Reserve's activity in the mortgage market.



Housing Finance at a Glance

The Housing Finance Policy Center (HFPC) was established to provide timely, impartial data and analysis, and to educate policymakers and the public on how the housing finance system affects households, communities and the broader economy. The goal of HFPC is to produce analyses and ideas that foster sound public policy, efficient markets, and economic opportunity.

The housing bust disproportionately hurt minorities
African American and Hispanic borrowers were hit hardest by the housing market crash. Now, these same groups are disproportionately affected by excessively tight credit. Read More

Strategic default: how big an issue?
Why do some borrowers stop making payments on their mortgage even when they have the financial capacity to do so? Read More

Mortgage Debt Forgiveness Act renewal could benefit millions
What could happen if Congress chooses not to renew the Mortgage Debt Forgiveness Act? The Treasury’s $2.6 billion two-year estimate may be a small price to pay for the benefits of renewal. Read More

Fast pay-off, low down payment loans perform well
We’ve heard a good deal recently about how upcoming potential homebuyers will be locked out because of low wealth, high debt, and uncertain, lower incomes. While some potential new homeowners might have all of these characteristics, many will fall into just one or two categories. Read More

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