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Snapshots of America's Families: 1997 Results

Offers detailed information from the 1997 National Survey of America's Families on the well-being of adults and children in 45,000 households from 13 select states and the nation as a whole. Snapshots reveals ways in which the lives of low-income families differ from the lives of children and adults in families with higher incomes. It examines employment, earnings and income, educational attainment, participation in training activities, economic hardship, family structure, housing arrangements and cost, health insurance coverage, access to and use of health services, health status, psychological well-being, participation in religious and volunteer activities, knowledge about availability of social services, and attitudes about work, welfare, health care, and childbearing.

A brief overview of the methods used to conduct the NSAF can be found in the report NSAF Survey Methods and Data Reliability (pdf).