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Decoding the U.S. Corporate Tax | Table of Contents

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Part One: Basics

1. Why Have a Corporate Tax?

2. Efficiency Problems with the Corporate Tax

3. Pillars of Sand in the Structure of the Corporate Tax

Part Two: Economic Theory Meets the Corporate Tax

4. "Old Harberger" versus "New Harberger" and the Structure of the Corporate Tax

5. The Old View versus the New View of Dividend Taxation

6 Debt and Equity: Trade-Off Theory versus the Miller Equilibrium

Part Three: The International Dimension

7. U.S. International Tax Rules: The Basics

8. International Tax Policy Dilemmas

Part Four: Where Is the Corporate Tax Headed?

9. The Emerging Brave New World

10. Corporate Integration

11. Other Possible New Directions for the U.S. Corporate Tax

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Decoding the U.S. Corporate Tax, by Daniel N. Shaviro, is available from the Urban Institute Press (ISBN 978-0-87766-757-5, paper, 220 pages, $26.50).

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