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Health Policy and the Uninsured / Contents


David C. Colby

Causes and Consequences of Lack of Health Insurance: Gaps in Our Knowledge
Catherine G. McLaughlin, Sarah E. Crow, Mary Harrington, and Hanns Kuttner

1 Counting and Characterizing the Uninsured
Pamela Farley Short

2 Why Are So Many Americans Uninsured?
Linda J. Blumberg and Len M. Nichols

3 Health Insurance, Labor Supply, and Job Mobility: A Critical Review of the Literature
Jonathan Gruber and Brigitte C. Madrian

4 What Do We Really Know about Whether Health Insurance Affects Health?
Helen Levy and David Meltzer

5 Health Insurance and Vulnerable Populations
Harold Pollack and Karl Kronebusch

6 Challenges in Modeling Health Insurance Coverage: Gaps in the Literature
Michael E. Chernew and Richard A. Hirth

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Health Policy and the Uninsured, edited by Catherine G. McLaughlin, is available in paperback from the Urban Institute Press (6" x 9", 356 pages, ISBN 978-0-87766-719-3, $29.50).

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