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Intergenerational Caregiving | Summary

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Intergenerational Caregiving Cover LargeDramatic changes in the American family have transformed the way we care for its oldest and youngest members. Nuclear families have become smaller as childbearing has declined, but extended families have become larger as life expectancy grows. Divorce, extramarital childbearing, cohabitation, and remarriage, have increased our number of kin but often complicate relationships and diffuse responsibility for care. Further, women’s increasing participation in the workforce has meant that previous generations must reevaluate their assumptions about caregivers. In Intergenerational Caregiving, an interdisciplinary group of scholars considers our changing family relationships and their effect on social policies. Caregiving and its effects on families’ relationships and resources are examined from economic, sociological, anthropological and psychological perspectives, and chapters on both elders and children with disabilities are included.


Intergenerational Caregiving, edited by Alan Booth, Ann C. Crouter, Suzanne M. Bianchi, and Judith A. Seltzer, is available from the Urban Institute Press (ISBN 978-0-87766-747-6, paper, 420 pages, $29.50).

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