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Growing Up Hispanic: Health and Development of Children of Immigrants

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Hispanic children of immigrants are a diverse and fast-growing population in the United States. Growing Up Hispanic explores the challenging environment in which these children are raised—high poverty rates, low academic achievement, limited access to health and social services, negative sentiments about immigrant families, and uncertain political and legal support—and examines how neighborhood, family, school, and community affect their development and well-being. A bold policy agenda can improve these children’s lives and help them thrive.

This volume is based on presentations and discussions from Penn State University’s National Symposium on Family Issues, “Development of Hispanic Children in Immigrant Families: Challenges and Prospects.” Diverse scholars examine the children’s social ecologies, how families influence children's adaptation to new environments, the effects of education policies on children's school experiences, and the roles of health care policies and social services in children's well-being.

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Growing Up Hispanic: Health and Development of Children of Immigrants, edited by Nancy S. Landale, Susan McHale, and Alan Booth, is available from the Urban Institute Press (ISBN 978-0-87766-763-6, paperback, 368 pages, $32.50).

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