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Pamela J. Loprest

Pamela J. Loprest

Senior Fellow

"Work is the key to improving well-being for many poor individuals and families in this country. The Institute's work has shown the difficulty some families have in gaining and maintaining work and the positive impact public policy can have on improving employment opportunities, supplementing earnings and supporting work."

Dr. Loprest is a labor economist conducting research on policies to enhance the economic well-being of disadvantaged persons, including removing barriers to work and provision of means-tested benefits. She is currently leading the Institute's Unemployment and Recovery Project, studying the impacts of long-term unemployment and policies to address these issues. She is also leading the evaluation of the Institute’s Work Supports Strategies project, examining the impact of state's efforts to increase and ease access for low-income families to public work support benefits. Her other work analyzes private and public policies to support low-income workers, including current and former welfare recipients and adults with disabilities. Dr. Loprest is co-author of three books, including Leaving Welfare: Employment and Well-Being of Families that Left Welfare in the Post-Entitlement Era. Dr. Loprest holds a PhD in economics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Selected Publications from Pamela J. Loprest

  • Progress Toward Self-Sufficiency for Low-Wage Workers
  • Entry-Level and Next-Step Jobs in the Low-Skill Job Market Brief No. 1
  • Supporting Work for Low-Income People with Significant Challenges
  • Publications by topic:
    Workforce Development, Training and Opportunity
    Wages and Non-wage Compensation
    Poverty and Safety Net

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