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Linda J. Blumberg

Linda J. Blumberg

Senior Fellow

"Health reform aims to make adequate, affordable insurance accessible to all, regardless of health status, by prohibiting insurer practices that discriminate against the sick and by requiring that the vast majority of Americans have insurance coverage. Because most people are healthy at any given time, broadly spreading costs across the larger population should mean only small increases in premiums for the healthy and large savings for those incurring disproportionately high medical expenses."

Blumberg's current research includes projects analyzing various components of health care reform, monitoring and evaluating the implementation of reform, and providing technical assistance to states that are planning health insurance exchanges. She has written about the new federally funded high-risk insurance pools, the cost containment potential of federal health care reform, the impact of the public plan option offered under reform, the importance of individual mandates, implications of reform for premiums in the non-group and small group markets, the impact of reform on employers, and the needs of those with high cost conditions in private insurance markets. Blumberg is a member of the Health Affairs editorial board and is frequently consulted by congressional members and staffers on issues related to health insurance and health care reform. She served as a health policy advisor to the Clinton Administration during its initial health care reform effort. During that effort Blumberg helped coordinate quantitative analyses of health reform options and worked pro-actively with White House officials, members of Congress and their staffs. She was a 2006 Ian Axford Fellow in Public Policy.

Ph.D., Economics, University of Michigan

1993-94: Health Policy Advisor, Office of Management and Budget, Executive Office of the President

Areas of expertise

Health care economics, federal and state health care reform, health care financing, private health insurance markets, affordability, interactions between public and private insurance; the uninsured

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  • The Individual Mandate - An Affordable and Fair Approach to Achieving Universal Coverage
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