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Eric Toder

Eric Toder

Institute Fellow

Eric Toder is an Institute Fellow at the Urban Institute and co-director of the Urban-Brookings Tax Policy Center. Dr. Toder’s recent work includes papers on ways of limiting tax expenditures, using a carbon tax to pay for corporate rate cuts, cutting tax preferences to pay for lower tax rates, tax expenditures and the size of government, tax policy and international competitiveness, value added taxes, the home mortgage interest deduction, trends in tax expenditures, the distributional effects of tax expenditures, corporate tax reform, charitable tax incentives, taxation of saving, the tax gap, effects on retirement income of changes in pension coverage and stock prices, employing older workers, and energy tax incentives. Dr. Toder previously held a number of positions in tax policy offices in the U.S. government and overseas, including service as Deputy Assistant Secretary for Tax Analysis at the U.S. Treasury Department, Director of Research at the Internal Revenue Service, Deputy Assistant Director for Tax Analysis at the Congressional Budget Office, and consultant to the New Zealand Treasury. He received his Ph.D. in economics from the University of Rochester in 1971.

Areas of expertise

Tax policy, tax reform, value-added taxes, individual income taxes, tax compliance and administration, taxes and social policy, taxes and retirement savings, Social Security reform, older workers, corporate income taxes

Publications by topic:
Federal Budgets & Fiscal Policy
Tax Policy
Tax Distribution and Economic Trends
Taxes and Social Programs
Social Security

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