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Donald Marron

Donald Marron

Institute Fellow and
Director of Economic Policy Initiatives

Donald Marron, the Urban Institute's director of economic policy initiatives since June 2013, is an expert on U.S. economic policy and federal budgeting. Since joining the Urban Institute in May 2010 as director of the Urban-Brookings Tax Policy Center, his work has focused on tax reform and America's long-run fiscal challenges. From 2002 through early 2009, he served in senior government positions, including as a member of the president's Council of Economic Advisers, acting director of the Congressional Budget Office, and executive director of Congress's Joint Economic Committee. He has also taught at the Georgetown Public Policy Institute and the University of Chicago Graduate School of Business, consulted on major antitrust cases, and served as chief financial officer of a health care software startup. Marron appears frequently at conferences and on TV and radio to discuss economic policy. He also works to popularize economics through his blog (www.dmarron.com) and writings for such publications as CNN Money, the Christian Science Monitor, and the Washington Post. He is the editor of 30-Second Economics, a short book that introduces readers to 50 of the most important theories in economics.

Areas of expertise

Tax policy, fiscal policy, federal budgeting, economic policy.

Selected Publications from Donald Marron

  • Federal Budget: Fix It Before A Crisis
  • Cutting Tax Preferences is Key to Tax Reform and Deficit Reduction Before the Senate Committee on the Budget
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