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Sade Adeeyo

Sade Adeeyo

Research Associate II

Addressing issues of poverty, race, and gender disparities is too often politicized, particularly in the nation’s capital. Working at Urban, however, provides a level of legitimacy and elevated advocacy—the kind that really shifts and shapes sound policy.


Sade Adeeyo is a research associate in the Metropolitan Housing and Communities Policy Center at the Urban Institute. She works primarily with the Program on Neighborhoods and Youth Development team, focused on building multigenerational, place-based interventions in public housing communities. Currently, she is part of the Promoting Adolescent Sexual Health and Safety project.

Before joining Urban, Adeeyo worked at the Black Women's Health Imperative; she has consistently held positions that advocate for equitable public health and the housing stability of women and communities of color.

Adeeyo holds a BA in comparative women's studies with a minor in public health from Spelman College and an MPP with a concentration in women’s studies from the George Washington University.


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