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Chip Lewinthal

Chip Lewinthal

Senior Human Resources Associate

My career at the Urban Institute has been very rewarding. Our HR team is first-rate, progressive, and a model of best practices. I get to work with colleagues from diverse backgrounds from all over the world. I know our work is well-respected because I hear and see our experts in the media and the public eye daily. It makes me proud to know them and be a part of the team that helps play a part in bringing their good work to others.


Chip Lewinthal is a senior human resources associate at the Urban Institute. He coordinates human resource–related communications, including creating and administering intranet portals and newsletters. He also coordinates all moves at Urban and is a space planning adviser. Lewinthal is a 2013 corecipient of Urban’s President’s Award for Management and Administration. His certifications include an SPHR and a SHRM-SCP, and he received his BS in marketing from Arizona State University.


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