Frequently Asked Questions

What will a typical day during the Urban Institute Academy’s summer program be like?

The official program day is 9:15AM to 5:30PM (with an hour break for lunch). Monday through Thursday will consist of classroom activities and time for the students to conduct their guided research projects.  On Fridays, after a brief morning session, we will depart for a day of visits to other research and policy institutions.

What about evenings and weekends?

Aside from occasional group outings, your evenings and weekends are your own free time.

What will be the housing accommodations?

All students are required to stay at nearby George Washington University dormitories.

Why is daily attendance mandatory?

The curriculum is cumulative and you will fall behind if you miss days.

Will participants be tested or given a grade based on their performance?

Participants will not be tested or given grades.  However, we will continually assess student performance in order to ensure that everyone is making sufficient progress.

What will be our work accommodations?

Academy fellows will share offices.  Each fellow will have his/her own desktop computer, and access to the UI library. There is a gym on the premises.

What is the Urban Institute work environment like?

We have a friendly and collegial work environment.  Our staff members share a passion and commitment to research excellence and making a difference in the lives of children, families, and communities.  We are serious and professional about how we work and how we would like our work regarded.

If I have other commitments, can I attend for a portion of the summer?

No. Please do not apply if you cannot attend for the entire 9-week summer program and attend the APPAM conference in November.

What is the Urban Institute dress code?

We are a business casual organization.  Every Friday, Summer Academy Fellows will be visiting other distinguished research and policymaking institutions.

Students will be expected to wear appropriate business attire (collared shirts, slacks, etc.).

Jeans and athletic shoes will NOT be permitted.


The UI Academy is supported by generous grants from the Ford Foundation and MacArthur Foundation