Funding and Annual Reports

Our annual and financial reports offer a more in-depth look at our work and impact, as well as the funders and partners who make it possible.  

Our Annual Report

Our Funders

The Urban Institute receives funding from all levels of government to conduct research, evaluate programs, and offer technical assistance. We also receive philanthropic contributions from individuals, foundations, nonprofits, universities, and corporations that support our research, evidence-based policy development, and outreach and engagement.

The Urban Institute strives to meet the highest standards of integrity and quality in its research and analyses and in the evidence-based policy recommendations offered by its researchers and experts. We believe that operating consistent with the values of independence, rigor, and transparency is essential to maintaining those standards. As an organization, the Urban Institute does not take positions on issues but it does empower and support its experts in sharing their own evidence-based views and policy recommendations that have been shaped by scholarship. Funders do not determine our research findings or the insights and recommendations of our experts. Urban scholars and experts are expected to be objective and follow the evidence wherever it may lead.


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Audited Financial Statements

Our IRS Form 990 tax return is accessible online from a variety of sources, including the National Center for Charitable Statistics' organization search tool, one of many free services provided by the Urban Institute’s National Center for Charitable Statistics to inform and strengthen the nonprofit community.