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Harry P. Hatry

Harry Hatry

Harry P. Hatry is a Distinguished Fellow and Director of the Public Management Program for The Urban Institute in Washington, D.C. He has been a leader in developing performance management/measurement and evaluation procedures for federal, state, and local public and private agencies since the 1970s. He has provided assistance on Government Performance and Results Act-related activities to the U.S. Departments of Education, Justice, and Health and Human Services, and the Environmental Protection Agency.

His book, Performance Measurement: Getting Results, is widely used and has been translated into two other languages. He is a co-editor of Handbook of Practical Program Evaluation, co-author of How Effective are Your Community Services?: Procedures for Performance Measurement, and of "Making Results-Based State Government Work." He was a co-author of United Way of America's widely disseminated report Measuring Program Outcomes: A Practical Approach. He is an author and co-editor of a recent series of six guides on "Outcome Management for Nonprofit Organizations."

He was a member of the U.S. Office of Management and Budget's 2002-2003 Performance Measurement Advisory Council. He was a member of the U.S. Department of Education's external Evaluation Review (Advisory) Panel, the United Way of America's Task Force on Outcome Measurement, and the Independent Sector's Measures National Advisory Board.

He is currently a member of the Council of State Government's Transformation Advisory Board. He is working with the National League of Cities to encourage "legislating for results" by city and county elected officials. This work is a follow-on to work with the National Conference of State Legislatures to help state legislatures better focus their budgeting, program, and policy decisions on their benefits to the public. It led to the recent NCSL publication "Legislating for Results: Action Briefs." He is also currently leading a multi-year effort for the federal government's Corporation for National and Community Service to provide annual outcome data for its AmeriCorps program.

He received the 1985 Elmer B. Staats Award for Excellence in Program Evaluation and the 1984 American Society for Public Administration Award as the "Outstanding Contributor to the Literature of Management Science and Policy Science." In 1993, he was a recipient of a National Public Service Award. In 1995, he received a Trailblazer award for his work on performance measurement at the National Conference on Managing For Results, sponsored by the State of Texas and University of Texas. In 1996, he received the Evaluator of the Year award from the Washington Evaluators Association. In 1999 the Center for Accountability and Performance of the American Society of Public Administration presented him with a lifetime achievement award for his performance measurement work and established the "Harry Hatry Award for Distinguished Practice in Performance Measurement." In 2000, he was a recipient of the 50th Anniversary Einhorn-Gary award of the Association of Government Accountants.

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