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Eric Toder

Eric Toder

Dr. Eric J. Toder has spent his career working on taxation, fiscal policy, and retirement policy issues. Prior to joining the Urban Institute in 1998, he held a number of policy advisory positions in the U.S. government and overseas. As deputy assistant secretary for Tax Analysis in the U.S. Treasury Department (1993-96), he was responsible for both policy development and for overseeing analysis of the economic and budgetary effects of tax policy proposals. His previous service in the U.S. government included such positions as director of the Office of Research at the Internal Revenue Service (2001-2004), deputy assistant director for tax analysis at the Congressional Budget Office (1988-91 and 1984-88), and financial economist and deputy director of the Office of Tax Analysis at the U.S. Treasury Department (1976-84). Between 1988 and 1991, he was consultant to the New Zealand Treasury, where he assisted in the development of New Zealand's tax reforms.

Prior to joining the U.S. government, Dr. Toder was assistant professor of economics at Tufts University and a senior research associate at Charles River Associates Inc. After leaving the U.S. Treasury Department, he was a visiting professor of economics at the University of Michigan and a consultant on tax policy issues in Ukraine, Russia, South Africa, and Bermuda.

At the Institute, Dr. Toder supervises studies on Social Security, other retirement issues, and tax issues in the Income and Benefits Center and the Urban-Brookings Tax Policy Center.

Selected Publications

  • Toder, Eric J., Karen Smith, and Howard Iams. 2003. "Lifetime Distributional Effects of Social Security Retirement Benefits." Social Security Bulletin 65(1).
  • Toder, Eric J., John L. Guyton, John F O'Hare, and Michael P. Stavrianos. 2003. "Estimating the Compliance Cost of the U.S. Individual Income Tax." National Tax Journal.
  • Toder, Eric J. 2002. "Evaluating Tax Incentives as a Tool for Social and Economic Policy." In Bad Breaks All Around: Report of the Century Foundation Working Group on Tax Expenditures. New York: Century Foundation Press.

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