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Thursday's Child -- Race, Schools, and Neighborhoods: Reducing Barriers to Achievement

May 10, 2007
9:00-10:30 a.m.

Panelists discussed academic achievement gaps and segregation, poverty and the accumulation of risk factors, and programs designed to alleviate these conditions.


Listen to the welcome
Robert Reischauer, Urban Institute

Opening Remarks / Overview

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Kevin Finneran, Issues in Science and Technology


Listen to the remarks
Lauren Rich, Chapin Hall Center for Children
Listen to the remarks
Cheryl Dunican-Hein, CHAC
Listen to the remarks
Margery Turner, Urban Institute
Listen to the remarks
Jennifer O'Neil, Catholic Charities of Camden, N.J.
Listen to the Q and A session
Question and answer session

Complete Recording

Listen to the complete recording
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